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I've sold a car and the buyer has told me that it was a mistake

they buyer baught a car on buy it now, so i contacted them asking how they are paying and when they want to come collect, the answer i got was no sorry it was a mistake. how do i relist the item without the charge ?

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If you have a non payer you open a non payment dispute at the bottom of the page under Resolution Centre

You can open one after 2 days and close after another 4 days

You get your final value fees back the non payer gets a strike and neither of you can leave feedback

If you dont do this then ebay do not know you did not get paid and you have to pay the fees

You have 32 days to open a dispute


You will be left with the £!0 insertion fee and £2.99 for the buy it now

It is best to list at a price you are willing to accept rather than add upgrades to a listing like a buy it now


You can not relist without charge you have to pay again

It may be best to list as a classified add if you list again


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£10.00 listing fee is non refundable ...but you will need to close the 'non sale' down properly otherwise you will still have the selling fees to pay ... after 48 hours from listing end ...


Open an Unpaid item case to guarantee credit of your selling fee... once escalated and completed on 'day 5 onwards', No feedback can be left, the 'buyer' will get a non payment strike on their account and you can then relist or offer a 2nd chance. See options here ...