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Global shipping, carriage question X2

Hi all,

I have a couple of buyers who are having trouble with global shipping. One of them goes to pay his invoice and it says shipping Free.
I have it set as £3.00 in my listing, and then there is the part ebay charge to get it to him wherever he is.  (#152581705120)


The other guy has bought 2 items and it's still charging him twice for carriage even though he is adding them to basket ?  (#152581663700) &  (152581636471)

Any ideas?

Thank you.



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There is nothing wrong.  Under the global shipping program terms and conditions, combined postage is not an option and the buyer has to pay for each item individually. If the buyer refuses to pay then simply go through the unpaid item dispute as normal.  The free shipping only applies to domestic shipping (ie you to the UK gsp hub) and when the buyer looks as the postage tab on the listing they can see the full cost to them.


Sellers are protected from bad feedback and ratings for the costs of gsp and against the extended delivery timescales. 



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