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Buying Restriction
When I try to bid, this message is shown.
Why my account is restricted and how to fix it?

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You’ve reached a temporary buying restriction.
You can only buy items where you can pay immediately at checkout. To continue, find an item with an immediate payment method and click on the “Add to Cart” button in the listing.
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New members are restricted to protect themselves from overbuying and to protect sellers from bidders who do not appreciate eBay rules


You must have bids on more than one auction which is still live........even if not the highest bidder your bids are considered live as in the event of bid retractions you may still win those items ......once they have ended you will be able to bid again


Policy here


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New eBayers are often restricted to stop them getting carried away. As it says you can buy "Buy it Now" items where you pay at once.


The idea is presumably to stop buyers bidding and winning lots of things that they cannot pay for and when you build a reputation the restriction will go.