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Hi, can anyone explain Waist 40-100cm/15.7-39.4''

Hi, can anyone explain: Waist 40-100cm/15.7-39.4'' .  Thanks.

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Before even attempting to buy you need some clarification. If it is elasticated who ever would have a waist of 15.7". Many legs would have a circumference bigger than that.
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iI this is an item that you are considering bidding on then ask the Seller.


At the bottom of every listing is "Ask the Seller a Question"


As a random this an item with an elasticated waist and that is what it stretches from and to? 


You better ask the seller to be honest.



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Is it something with an adjustable option ??


Oftern back supports etc have quite wide ranges as they tend ti wrap round the body & fasten with velcro


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