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Do I as a buyer have to pay customs charges for an item I already paid delivery to the seller.?

Who is responsible. For paying custom charges.

I paid delivery to seller in USA and now my post office wants lots of money to give me the parcel


Jayne evans 


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buyer is to pay

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I sell from the Channel Islands and import vat is due on all sales (buyers now have to pay Import vat on anything coming into the UK from the Channel islands, UK customs scrapped the £15 and under rule but funnily enough only fpor the Channel Islands)!.



I pre-pay import vat and add it to the postage charge. Pre paying saves the buyer the additional £8 customs fee although some UK buyers don't realise/appreciate this and still give me a low star rating because they look at the stamp value even though the vat value is stuck right next to it! Our post is also more expensive and we do not have the option of using a cheaper 2nd class post etc like the UK as our post is automatically rated first class.




Here's hoping i give some buyers out there some insight as to why goods from Jersey and Guernsey are more expensive sending to the UK than the other way around. and hope they bear this in mind when rating stars on buying from the Channel islands

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Yes, as the importer you have to pay any customs charges that are imposed.


This is nothing whatsoever to do with the seller. It's your charge, as you're the importer. As soon as you import an item with a declared value of £15+ you'll be charged 20% VAT plus a handling fee (£8 if Royal Mail). 


You need to understand the regulations for importing goods from a non EU country. It does mention on each international listing that there might be duties payable.

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You are the importer, so you have to pay to import the item.


It has nothing to do with your seller, how would they know how much import duty is, in another country?


Up to £15.00 is free.


Over that you pay VAT, up to £135.


Over that you pay duty+VAT+Agent charges.


Agent charges are £8--12, at the moment.

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