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seller says they can't issue refund due to paypal hold

I hope some one can help me ,I feel like I'm wading through treacle here.Last week I bid on a pendant and won it,paid straightaway via paypal,there was enough funds in my paypal to cover it.It was described as a solid gold 21ct pendant.What arrived was a chipped,flaking plated piece of costume jewellery.I opened a snad case in resolution centre(all the while communicating with seller there) I sent the pendant back tracked,they recieved it today,I checked track and trace.They have emailed me reciept of it back but say they cant refund my £38,because paypal have place a hold.I'm at a loss as to what to do next.I can't see any clear instructions from ebay,I've tried emailing ebay and got a automated non helpful email.So they have the pendant and my payment and I'm feeling very uncomfortable  about all of this

please advise,stressed out 

kind regards

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