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Import charges

Some US sellers say "No additional import charges on delivery", and a price is quoted for this service. If I buy, MUST I pay this or can I take a chance that it arrives without additional taxes to pay.

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There is a global shipping programme in USA whereby they pay taxes in advance - disucssed in this thread:




As mentioned by Red-Magpie, you would need to contact sellers before you bid/buy to ask if they will send by an alternative method.


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You will be charged VAT on anything over £15- VAT and Duty on anything over £135.

Carrier usualy charges £8-12 to do paperwork and deliver.

This is charged by what is on the customs form attached to the parcel post price cost is part of calculation.

It seems Very Few things coming from the States are not inspected. Sounds like a business seller I dont think yours may slip through unoticed.

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It will be down to the seller to decide if they will offer an alternative service.


A US seller is hardly likely to want to take the chance of a UK buyer refusing to pay customs charges, having the parcel returned and having to refund

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I used to be a Customs Officer - many years ago.  The re was a scheme called FDD which did just this; the seller paid the charges.  If it is optional to pay you do risk British Customs charges if the item is of any value. These will include VAT and sometimes Duty and a reasonable estimate is about 30% of total based on delivered cost including post. 


The sad thing though is that for a lower value item the VAT can be - say - £2.50 and a "clearance fee" of £8 takes the item to an unrealistic cost

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Over here in the Channel Islands we can pre pay the import vat for the buyer.  This saves the buer having to pay when it reaches the mainland and also saves them the customs "admin £8/£12 charge).


However sometimes Customs foul up and try to charge the import vat again AND add the admin charge.  Unfortunately the buyer as the "importer" is legally responsible for that charge and has 2 options. pay up or refuse to pay and the item is returned to sender. (most good sellers though would refund you once the item has been returned)

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If some additional service is included in the price of a listing you would have to ask the seller whether it can be bought without it. There is an "Ask seller a question" box at the foot of every listing.