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I've been watching perfume, but the listings have been ended due to an error. Am I unable to buy u

I have been watching used perfumes, but the lsitings have been withdrawn due to seller error. Does this mean that I am unable to buy used, unboxed perfume?

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The seller ended the listing probably because he changed his mind about selling the perfume and just entered one of the reasons that ebay gives, the seller can do that if the auction does not have bids .


There are plenty of used perfumes being sold on ebay and btw it is allowed, the only perfumes that can't be sold are the ones that have tester written on them or demonstrative.

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in reply to madasatrout

In this case the removal of these items has nothing to do with Royal Mail.


The sale of used perfumes is prohibited on eBay.

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I'm afraid so.Ebay do not allow listings for perfume that has been opened/partly used, only those that are new/sealed.  The seller should not have listed them.

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in reply to madasatrout

The problem is that Royal Mail will only carry unopened perfume in its original packaging. The contents have to be declared and special labels attached to the outside of the parcel.


If a seller does not declare the contents then Royal Mail will destroy it if they find out what is in it. A surprising amount of mail is x-rayed nowadays as post is flown around the country. Perfume is flammable. That's why it is restricted.


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