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How can I delete my viewing/buying history so that no one in family knows what I have been looking at, so it does no spoil surprises?

How can I delete my viewing/buyig history from ebay so that no one in the family knows what I have been looking at, so that it does not spoil the surprise for them?

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in reply to chrissi430_1

If it is the information on your feedback then as above.


If it is the recently viewed items that come up when you open your ebay there is some tiny wording at the bottom of two boxes on your homepage when you first open it up which says Delete recently viewed items.Delete searches.


This is not an ideal solution as they seem to keep coming back.

If you have searched for an item which you want to keep secret it is a good idea to search for something a few times which is completely unrelated


example, searching for a laptop as a present then before you log of search for toys or clothes.


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in reply to chrissi430_1

Make your feedback profile private,see here,http://pages.ebay.co.uk/services/forum/feedback.html


Using that option means you won't be able to sell,only buy.


Alternatively open a 2nd account,and keep it to yourself ;-)

All you need is a new user ID and email address,and use the same bank details and pay pal account if you add the new email address to your pay pal profile.


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in reply to chrissi430_1

This has been bugging me for ages cos I don't want to old man to know what I've been looking at - nothing dodgy, I might add, just Xmas pressies etc....
Go to ebay.com (ie US version)

Log in as usual

Down the left-hand side there are your recent searches & recent views.

Click on the word 'clear'

Log out

Go to ebay.co.uk (ie the UK version)

Log in & they are all gone - BRILL!!