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Has anyone heard of this ( BIDDING SCHEDULER / AUCTION SNIPING SITES ) you have to sign up to these sites some are free and some are chargeable they claim to bid for you at the last seconds before the auction closes so you may win the item.They say it increases your chance of winning items as i keep loosing out. You have to sign up for this and give your Ebay ID are these sites any good more importantly are they safe to give out your Ebay ID. HELP PLEASE many thanks.

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I've been a happy user of auctionsniper for a few years now, I allocate around 50$ a year, give or take a few weeks depending on how many auctions I try to win that way, I guess it's very similar to esnipe topcat mentioned above, they usually give you a free trial or two, you could try a few and see which one you like best


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ive been using esnipe for about 10 years without problems


 you pay to use that one  but only if you win


 tey do not guaratee you win only tend to increse your cances


 highest bidder will  win regardless


 plenty to google