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Sold or Unsold ?, why can't I mark my sold items as sold ?

I'v just discovered that if I sell an item using an ebay 'Classified Ad' there is no provision to mark the ad as 'sold' in my seller activity folder !.  Now is it just me, or is this just crazy ?


Obviously, having sold my item, I don't want people to continue calling me thinking the item is still available so want to remove me ad from ebay.  To do so, I only have one option,this being to 'delete' my ad, however, the  ad remains in my activity folders where it shows as 'unsold'.  There is no means to show the item as sold !.


Surely the clever boffins at ebay would have thoutgh this through a bit better ?


Anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Sold or Unsold ?, why can't I mark my sold items as sold ?

in reply to brianfife64

Maybe there's no need for ebay to keep a record as there are no final value fees to pay on a classified


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